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The wonderful world of Olaplex and the looks it can achieve

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Much like the rest of the hairdressing world, we’ve been singing the praises of Olaplex for a while now. And it’s becoming a firm favourite with many of our clients.

If you don’t know about it yet, Olaplex is the miracle treatment that repairs the broken bonds in your hair, leaving you with visibly stronger, sleeker locks. Used either as a standalone treatment or during colouring, Olaplex allows you to achieve your desired colour and style while protecting the health of your hair.

Cited by numerous celebrities as their hair care saviour, Olaplex has revolutionised our ability to create beautiful looks without causing damage to your hair.

Whether looking for a bold new colour or a subtle head of highlights, Olaplex is the way to achieve it without risking the health of your hair. Hollywood stylist Guy Tang uses Olaplex to create his signature styles, choosing daring colour palettes to stunning effect.

It’s reparative properties make Olaplex perfect for treating damaged, over-coloured hair – breathing new life and style into dead ends.  

The beauty of Olaplex is that you continue your treatment at home. Once out of the salon, you can maintain your hair’s silkiness with weekly top-ups, extending the salon-fresh impact of your initial styling.

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Costing just £22 – either during your colouring appointment or as a stand-alone treatment – the long-lasting benefits of Olaplex make it a styling essential.

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