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Texture, length and a ‘grungier’ approach to men’s styling at HJ Live

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Last month some of the Mod team attended the HJ Live hairdressing trade show down in London. Organised by the Hairdressers Journal, the event is a great opportunity to share tips and trends with hairdressers, barbers and stylists from across the UK.

Mod Salons’ Directors, James Langley and Izaak Brading, took to the stage to demonstrate two men’s looks on barber Joe and Adam.

The team wanted to break away from the tight sculpted styles favoured over the past few years, and instead adopt softer texture, using length and natural movement to create a ‘scruffier,’ ‘grungier’ look.


Adam and Joe working the stage

This anticipated the overall feel of the day, which leant towards men’s hairdressing that incorporated elements of classic barbering. Lots of length, texture, natural curl and a wide range of products were used to create a great range of wearable looks.

Industry events like these are fantastic for the team as they allow us to be at the forefront of new trends and pick up new skills to bring back to our customers at Mod. Speaking of the importance of attending trade events, James said:

‘It’s always fantastic to see what other great work is being produced by nationally acclaimed stylists. It’s so important to stay up to date with the latest trends so that we can always offer the latest styles to our clients. Being forward thinking also gives the opportunity to discover the best new industry products to help our clients recreate salon looks at home.’

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The end of a long day!

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