Keely – Senior Hairstylist

What attracted you to mod:salons?
After seeing the salon I knew i’d love to work there, it has a really cool retro feel which I really like. When I first met James and Izaak I found them really easy to get on with and I think that is reflected in the salon, which feels professional but really friendly and relaxed. I want to make sure I’m always pushing myself to be a better stylist and mod seems the perfect salon to grow.

What/Who inspires you in the industry?
I think the most important thing in hairdressing that inspires me is the clients. I love talking to people to find out exactly what they want in a hairstyle and to make them feel happy with their hair when they leave the salon. I had some pretty bad hair cuts when I was younger and I think this is why I wanted to become a hairdresser. I wanted to listen to what people actually wanted. I love all aspects of hairdressing, whether it’s a radical makeover or keeping your style in shape. I think some clients find it hard to style their hair and I always try to give clients tips on how best to style their hair and which products to use.

What do you love doing in your spare time?
In my spare time I like to research vintage hair styles and fashion, i’ve started collecting books on hair ups and old school movie stars for inspiration. I’ve been vegan just over a year and i’ve gained an interest in cooking and baking. I’m also a bit of a book geek and always have a book with me wherever I am.