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Keely stops by KMS HQ

Posted by | February 22, 2016 | News | No Comments
KMS HQ Visit

After enjoying two years on the KMS Editorial Team, I was delighted when they got back in touch with me to ask me to join them in Germany at their Darmstadt Headquarters.

As a fan and advocate of their products it was a great opportunity and obviously one I would not be turning down.

Arriving at the academy, I found out I would be part of a team testing new products that will be released and ready to use in the salon next year. Pretty exclusive stuff, eh?

It was great to test the products on our model’s hair by using a regular KMS shampoo and conditioner on one half of the head and the new products on the other half, it gave me a really clear picture of exactly what each product does and how it works with the hair.

In the salon we obviously don’t get the chance to test the products in this way and I feel that since coming back after my time spent with KMS in Germany, my understanding of the brand has greatly improved.

I’ll leave it as a surprise as to what exactly the new range does (you’ll have to pop in and find out for yourself), but it’s safe to say it will change the way we think of our hair when it comes to styling.

With the launch of the new product range, KMS have certainly strengthened their brand ethos of being “obsessed with style”.

I thoroughly enjoy using KMS products in the salon so personally I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

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