Izaak – Owner & Director

Izaak began his hairdressing career at Molton Brown on London’s South Molton Street, and was one of the last group of trainee’s to be taught by Michael Collis during the early 1990’s and found his passion for men’s hair when he moved up to Leeds in 1997 and started working at City Gent. His new role meant opening new salons across the north giving him his first insight into planning, setting up and running salons, and began to put in his mind the idea of having his own one day; but needing a break from hairdressing to look after his young children, Izaak took 3 years out to get a degree in Religious and Theological studies at Cardiff University, returning to Leeds in 2004 to continue his men’s hairdressing career.

Whilst attending an American Crew course in 2006, Izaak’s passion for men’s hair really grew as did his passion for Crew finding their approach to men’s hair matching his own. It was here that he met and forged a great friendship with Ian Harrold, Lead Educator for Crew in the Uk and American Crew All-Star and a big inspiration to Izaak to this day. Izaak has since gone on to educate for Crew, recently becoming an International All-Star himself; Izaak has taught in salons and on stage as far a field as Denver, Colorado, whilst all the time learning and gaining inspiration to bring back to his clients and colleagues at the salon from wherever he has been.

Winning numerous photographic competitions and leading fashions shoots both locally and internationally, Izaak wants to continue promoting and pushing mod salons as a unique concept and hairdressing experience whilst at the same time teaching the craft of barbering and men’s hairdressing to the next generation of apprentices coming through.

With a real love of teaching, whether in a classroom or educating a client, Izaak feels that 2014 will be the year that barbering gets the recognition that it truly deserves and that British barber training will come into it’s own internationally. No longer the poor, forgotten man of the hairdressing world, it is the great strength and continued prominence of the best barbering names in the business and of events such a Men’s Fashion Week, Barber Connect and the continued importance of The British Barber’s Association can only be good when inspiring the young men and women of today into think of barbering and men’s hairdressing as a career, rather than just a ‘job’.