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Do you know these everyday men’s hair styling tips?

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What’s your hair styling routine?

It could be a quick scrub with your towel or a 5 product coiffure, but we bet there are a few things you could be doing differently to keep your hair in better nick.

Whatever your hair type or style, here are a few key men’s styling tips you should know…

  1. Dry as naturally as possible

Remember that quick towel scrub we mentioned? Well, it’s probably not brilliant for your hair. Especially if you’re within the two thirds of the population who will experience baldness at some point!

Lightly brushing through hair with your finger tips and patting it gently dry with a towel will add natural texture as well as being kinder to your scalp.

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    1. Add wax, clay and putty to dry hair

Hair waxes, clays and putties are a great way of adding subtle texture and volume. Add these to dry hair by rubbing a small amount into the palms of your hands and applying evenly throughout, combing through with your fingers.

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  1. Add gel and serum to wet hair

Gels and serums are great for creating slickers looks or taming wild and frizzy hair. These need to be added to wet hair for the most even distribution. Use sparingly through, as the setting alcohols in gel can dry out your hair if used too often.

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    1. Salt spray might be your new best friend

Rough and ready beach hair is always a winner. Salt spray is a great way of creating natural texture without feeling coated in heavy products. Light and refreshing, salt spray is ideal for an everyday volumising spritz.

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  1. Create dramatic volume with a quick blow dry

Using a hairdryer and comb together, dry your hair back and upwards, playing close attention to your roots. Comb this through and combine with product for added hold. But remember – if you’re blow drying your hair often, you want to invest in some heat defence spray to limit damage.

There’s a unique hair styling routine to suit everyone. Book your next appointment and we’ll help you find yours.

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