What attracted you to mod salons?

I was attracted to the training opportunities Mod offers such as attending barbering and hairdressing events and being able to work alongside experienced stylists.

What/who inspired you to the industry?

I was mainly inspired by Miguel Gutierrez, known more commonly as ‘the Nomad Barber’ who travels the world learning about different methods of male hairdressing and barbering and documenting his findings.

What is your favourite thing about hairdressing?

My favourite thing about hairdressing is being able to give someone a new look which they enjoy.

What do you love doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy going to gigs and learning about the history of music genres.

So, you live in Leeds, what do you love about your city?

The thing I love about Leeds is, although it is a hub for high-street shopping, it’s also full of cool and trendy independent small businesses such as the shops found in the Corn Exchange.