What attracted you to mod:salons?
I’d heard about mod salons and really liked that it was an independent salon with a unique way of teaching and a really friendly team. In my time here they have really invested in me and helped me make the role of receptionist my own. It’s also in Chapel Allerton, which is a really good area to be in.

What/Who inspires you in the industry?
I admire the people you meet that work in this industry; it’s full of creativity.

What’s your favourite thing about being the salon’s receptionist?
I love speaking to the clients in my role as receptionist; you create relationships with the people that come in and I love making people feel welcome! I think the best bit of my role is seeing people leaving the salon feeling good about themselves because of what we have achieved.

What do you love doing in your spare time?
I love going shopping, spending time with my friends, going out, arranging trips and just generally socialising.

So, you live in Leeds, what do you love about the city?
Of course the night life! There is always events going on and those nights are the best! There are also some really great outdoor places around Leeds with lovely views too. My favourite place is a field behind Leeds Uni, where my best friend and I have picnics and sit for hours just chilling.