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20 Expert Shaving Tips For Men – Fashionbeans.com

Posted by | February 09, 2014 | mod:mens | No Comments
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In Search Of The Perfect Shave

If your boiler broke down you would phone for a plumber and if you were ill you would consult a doctor. So if you’re after a super-smooth shave, it pays to call in the experts.

We’ve gathered twenty of them – from leading barbers to top dermatologists – each with a pearl of wisdom to help you achieve real results with your razor. Twenty experts. Twenty tips. One aim: the ultimate, irritation-free shave.

1. Allow Your Skin To Settle
“Skin tends to be puffy first thing in the morning so if you want less nicks and cuts give it at least ten minutes to settle before you start shaving and you’ll have a better surface to work with.”
Jason Shankey, Belfast barber, hairdresser and male grooming expert.

2. Cool Things Down A Little
“To prepare skin before shaving cleanse skin thoroughly with a face wash and warm water – avoid using hot water as this can over-dry skin, leading to irritation. It can even cause tiny blood vessels near the skin’s surface to break.”
Dr. David Orentreich, Clinique’s guiding dermatologist.

3. Give Yourself A Break
“Try taking at least one day off a week from shaving – it really helps skin if you give it a rest and I find that when you shave next, you tend to get a super close and smoother finish.”
Richard Sawyer, Education Director & Global Grooming & Lifestyle Expert, Lab Series Skincare For Men.

4. Brush Up On Your Lathering
“A shaving brush is a sound investment when it to comes to shaving. Not only are they the best way to create a rich, creamy lather, they also help lift hairs in readiness for shaving and exfoliate skin, ridding it of razor-blocking dead skin cells.”
Master barber Robert Johnston of The Gentleman’s Shop, Hungerford.

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